Adaptive Science-Based Framework for Great Lakes Restoration

More Information

For more information about the draft Adaptive Science-Based Framework for Great Lakes Restoration, please contact:

The Great Lakes Interagency Task Force is revising the draft document entitled "Adaptive Science-Based Framework for Great Lakes Restoration." The framework is intended to guide cost-effective and strategically appropriate restoration actions under the GLRI by using the best available science and applying lessons learned from past and on-going restoration projects and programs.

This framework recommends two key enhancements for the GLRI:

  • The first recommendation is the use of a science-based adaptive restoration approach. This approach promotes a systematic and iterative process by which to apply lessons learned on a programmatic level to prioritization of decisions and identification of actions most likely to advance the effectiveness and collective success of restoration efforts.
  • The second, and related, recommendation is development and use of an enhanced information system that will further support GLRI decision-making by the IATF and the RWG and facilitate adaptive restoration through time.